Westworld- Existential Crisis

When watching the new episode last night I couldn’t help but relate to many of the robots in the show. Specifically, the anger that resulted from the Dolores’ father realizing he was only made to meet his creator. Or that his life in and of itself really has no intrinsic value or purpose other than […]

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Still Lost

About a month ago I had what I thought was the worst trip on mushrooms in my life. I had tried them once or twice before. But this time I took one two many bites out of the delicious rice crispy they were in and after about half an hour I knew I had taken […]

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Golden Goody in the Future

One of my favorite western philosophers (with an eastern philosophy perspective) is Allan Watts. Whenever my thoughts starts running on and on endlessly and the chatter box inside my head will not stop, I search for one of his youtube videos and listen to him for a bit. For some reason, what he says really […]

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One Act and I’m all better?

As soon as I was conscious with my eyes still closed, I could feel the intense feeling of dread.┬áMy ever so considerate and sweet fiance attempted to wake me up so we could spend the day with his cousin and their kids from out of town at museums all day. Something the normal me would […]

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